A Guide to the Waterfalls of Iceland
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Iceland is said to be the land of over 10,000 waterfalls. This amounts to about one waterfall for every 10 square kilometres, which makes Iceland the most densely such covered country on Earth. With so many it is hardly surprising that Iceland can boast of some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. This book is a guide to over 230 of those waterfalls. So are these the best falls in Iceland? They may not be the highest waterfalls, nor the widest. The falls in this guide have been selected based on a combination of their overall scenic beauty and their accessibility. In this book you will find not only the most visited waterfalls in Iceland, but also some that are undoubtedly not very high, nor wide, but are so fascinating, in such lovely scenic settings, and so easy to reach, that they deserve a visit. This guide provides a description of each waterfall, high quality photographs, exact location with GPS coordinates, ease of access, height and width estimations, scenic beauty rating, and detailed instructions on how to get there. While this book is by no means a comprehensive guide to all the most noteworthy waterfalls in Iceland, its pages cover over 230 of them, with references to many more nearby. For someone exploring a region or an area around a particular locality, this guide has a sufficient number of falls to provide a selection of attractions within a reasonable distance. Waterfalls are presented as if travelling from Reykjavik in a clockwise spiral, first heading north-west, then finishing up in the southern central and highland areas. There are several instances in this guide of clusters of waterfalls located close together or along the same river, usually visited as a group. In particular there are five important waterfall hikes: Forsæludalur, Seyðisfjörður, Laugarfell, Skaftafell and Skógá, that are fully described with details of each significant waterfall along the trail.

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