A Practical Guide for Personal Support Workers from A P.S.W.

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A Practical Guide for Personal Support Workersfrom aP.S.W.: Volume Oneis an easy way tolearn some of thedifferent functions associatedwith being a personal supportworker.The book provides clear directions on how toperform somebasic health care tasks in a safeand effective manner. It isdesigned to help currentpersonal support workers, aspiringpersonalsupport workers, paraprofessionals andgeneralcaregivers. Among the tasks coveredare transfers, commodecare and bed baths.The author has worked in this profession formany years,developingeasier and safer ways todeploy these importantskills and tasks. Author Bio : Andy Elliott, D.S.W.,C.Y.W., C.Y.C., P.S.W.,is a personalsupportworker for the CanadianRed Cross. He lives inOntario with his wife andfour daughters.

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