Aspergers and Adulthood: A Guide to Working, Loving, and Living with Aspergers Syndrome

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From dating to job interviews-a guide for navigating adulthood when you have Asperger's. Thinking about moving out on your own? Ready to land your first job? Unsure how to navigate social scenes when you have Asperger's? Designed for the newly launched Aspie adult, Asperger's and Adulthood provides supportive solutions-based strategies for navigating the ins and outs of balancing Asperger's syndrome with career goals, dating, social settings, and more. Adulthood is complicated for anyone, though it can be especially overwhelming for someone living with Asperger's. Thankfully, Asperger's and Adulthood presents targeted strategies from learning specialist Blythe Grossberg to help young adults with Asperger's kick-start careers, cultivate healthy relationships, and create independent paths as maturing adults. Grossberg lends her expertise by providing an Asperger's road map-pointing out potential obstacles and offering valuable how-tos for thriving in the world. This book also helps loved ones gain a deeper understanding of what it means to live with Asperger's syndrome. Whether you're reading for yourself or someone you know, Asperger's and Adulthood helps you develop deeper insight for tackling life challenges, with:Step-by-step strategies for entering the workforce and tips to translate your talents into a career Helpful scripts for managing small talk, job interviews, and first dates Practical tips and budgeting checklists for establishing your independence Real-life Asperger's stories on finding friends and landing jobs Handy how-tos about stimming, and how to adopt more discreet comforting behaviors The truth is, even with Asperger's, you can do whatever you put your mind to-and Asperger's and Adulthood outlines the tools and strategies to help you achieve a full and rewarding adult life.

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