Christianity with Power

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Power. Politicians crave it. Money buys it. And some people will do anything to get it. In a world where New Agers rely on crystals and channeling to tap into spiritual power, the Christian is reminded that Jesus used supernatural power to heal the sick, cast out demons, and raise the dead. Two thousand years later, the world still desperately needs a Savior who works in power. However, many modern Christians are embarrassed and reluctant to preach a gospel accompanied by supernatural power. Our Western worldview conditions us to fit God into a neat, predictable mold. But Kraft is convinced that the power of the gospel will not be confined to our categories. Step by step, he offers a biblical understanding of signs and wonders and shows how Christians can become God's instruments to heal the sick, to work miracles, and to oppose the counterfeit powers of this age. There is something that makes ['Christianity with Power'] quite possibly great, maybe even a major publishing event to be noted some day when the history of the modern church is written. . . . Kraft helps us as no one else has in understanding our Western worldview in relation to the way the Holy Spirit is working today."" --from the Foreword Why do we seem to experience so little of God's power in our lives? Do we think and act in ways that block out the love of God for us? If you wonder about such questions, Charles Kraft's 'Christianity with Power' will guide you to answers that will touch your heart and change your life."" --Bert Ghezzi, author of Becoming More Like Jesus Chuck Kraft takes us down the path of his own experience and helps us identify the cultural impediments that prevent us from experiencing the fullness of the faith. But more than that, he wisely guides us to principles of faith that will help us to rediscover the power of Christ in our practice of the faith."" --Robert Webber, Northern Seminary Charles H. Kraft is Sun-Hee Kwak Professor of Anthropology and Intercultural Communication at Fuller Theological Seminary. He is also President of Deep Healing Ministries, Inc.

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