English Spirituality

Endorsements: "The republication of this definitive text is long overdue and a must for all those who are concerned for the maintenance of a sound, optimistic spirituality." -Alan Jones "Skillfully uses Bible and history to good advantage in this long look at English Spirituality's roots." -The Christian Century "I know of no other book that rivals Thornton's work as a clear and well written compilation of so much valuable material." -Review of Books & Religion "Will provide both Protestant and Catholic readers with an exceptionally readable and thorough treatment of a shared tradition." -Spiritual Life Author Biography: Martin Thornton was one of the leading lights in Anglican theology and spirituality. Of his numerous books, English Spirituality and Spiritual Direction have helped shape the course of ascetical theology. Before his death in June 1986, Thornton served for ten years, as Chancellor of Truro Cathedral. A Joyful Heart was his last book.

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  • : 9781620320532
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 352
  • : maart 2012
  • : 422
  • : 141 x 217 x 19 mm.
  • : Christelijk leven en gewoontes; Met betrekking tot christenen en christelijke groepen; Persoonlijke religieuze getuigenissen en inspirerende werken