Frank Herbert

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Even the author of DUNE-the best-selling science fiction novel of all time-had trouble getting published. At first. Frank Herbert wanted to be a writer, and though today his name is practically synonymous with world-building and epic science fiction, Herbert didn't start out with a particular genre in mind. He wrote mainstream stories, mysteries, thrillers, mens' adventure pieces, humorous slice-of-life tales. And, yes, some science fiction. For the first time, this collection presents 13 completed short stories that Frank Herbert never published in his lifetime. These tales show a great breadth of talent and imagination. Readers can now appreciate the writing of one of the field's masters in a kaleidoscope of new stories. "For the first time this collection publishes many different genre short stories by the acclaimed author of the novel DUNE. It is a rarity that we get to see the many different types of tales the author wrote that until now were never published. Fans of Frank Herbert will love to discover these newfound treasures and will like this author even more than before." - Gary Roen, Midwest Book Review

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