Free Fall in a No-Fly Zone

2 - 4 Weken

Carl Adddison Swanson, the award winning author of the Hush McCormick series, which includes the best selling mystery novel "Fat People Are Harder to Kidnap", soon to be a major motion picture, is out with a sequel to his much acclaimed "Double Parked in the Twilight Zone: Summer of 1960." The reader's favorite protagonist, Justin Carmichael, is back, seven years later, in college in the fall of 1967. He faces the disillusionment of academic expectations as well as the social downfalls of dating while emerged in an environment of racial unrest, the Vietnam War and a social revolution in this country. Often funny with sad moments, "Free Fall in a No-Fly Zone: Fall of 1967" will illuminate your memories of the sixties and endear you to the endless wit of the main character along with the usual cast of Swanson misfits.

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