Fundamentals of Pharmacology for Children's Nurses

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Registered Nurses must have thorough knowledge of pharmacology, medicines administration, and the effects of medicines. Fundamentals of Pharmacology for Children's Nurses is written for nurses and allied health professionals involved in the care of children and young people (CYP) to focus exclusively on pharmacology. Filling a gap in current literature on the subject, this much-needed resource develops the competence and confidence required to prescribe, dispense, and administer medicines to children and young people. Emphasising the importance of patient-centered care to CYP, the text describes the role of the healthcare provider working with CYP and their families; explains how to use pharmaceutical and prescribing reference guides; discusses legal and ethical issues; examines pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics, and more. Helping readers respond appropriately and compassionately to the needs of those receiving care and their families, this textbook: * Covers a wide range of medications used in diabetes, cancer, mental health, and other areas * Features a wealth of full-colour images and numerous pedagogical tools including learning objectives, self-test questions, and reflective exercises to enable readers to contextualise and assess their knowledge * Presents case studies to reinforce learning, and illustrate the application of theory to practice * Provides authoritative and practical guidance on formulations, adverse drug reactions, analgesics, antibiotics, immunisations, and the medications most commonly used when providing care to CYP * Includes access to a companion website with interactive MCQs, case studies, references, an image bank, and links to further reading and supplemental resources Fundamentals of Pharmacology for Children's Nurses is essential reading for undergraduate children's nursing students, trainee nursing associates, those undertaking healthcare programmes of study, as well as those seeking to better understand pharmacology.

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