Golf Fundamentals

2 - 4 Weken

In this historic manual, discover the formula for optimal golf techniques that made Seymour Dunn a legend and will make you a master of the game. Do you wonder what makes a swing consistently accurate? Dunn demystifies the mechanical laws of the golf swing and dynamic laws of the golf stroke. He also provides ample insight on golf psychology. In the section on his Orthodoxy of Style, Dunn breaks down each simple and scientific stroke to ease comprehension and mastery. With its concise direction and visual depictions, Dunn's classic Golf Fundamentals has inspired much of modern golf's techniques, and its tips remain applicable today. An artifact of golf instruction, Golf Fundamentals is essential reading for those interested in the evolution of the game and how Seymour Dunn inspired modern golf techniques. Seymour Gourlay Dunn (1882-1959) arguably made the single greatest contribution to the mechanics of the golf swing. Within his Scottish family, nearly all members have significantly contributed to the modern game of golf. His father Tom Dunn (1849-1902) established himself as a professional golfer, golf club maker, and prolific architect of many golf courses in early 20th century. Following in his father's footsteps, Seymour designed many well-known courses including the Lake Placid Club Links Course, along with the private courses of King Leopold of Belgium (1906), the Rothschild Estate in France (1908), and King Emmanuel of Italy (1908). After perfecting the ideal golf swing, Seymour taught at the Lake Placid Country Club. He earned his right as a golf master when his techniques became widely used by other professionals including Jim Barnes, Walter Hagen, Gene Sarazen, and Ben Hogan.

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