Kosmoski's New Kustom Painting Secrets

2 - 4 Weken

Jon Kosmoski - King of Kustom Painters and founder of House of Kolor paint - puts over four decades of experience into the new Kustom Painting Secrets. Jon starts with the basics: how to set up a shop, pick a compressor, and route the airlines. Next, he covers modern paint and the new Shimrin2 system in particular. Jon explains what it is, and how the various Karrier Basecoats and Effects can be mixed to create literally any color in the rainbow. Spray guns, how to choose, use and adjust them, takes up one full chapter. A chapter assembled with help from SATA, the brand known for no-compromise quality and great atomization. No Kustom Painting Secrets book would be complete without at least two, start-to-finish, paint jobs by Jon Kosmoski. The new book contains both a hot rod and a motorcycle paint job. The sequences begin at the very start with the metal preparation, and moves through all the primer and filler stages necessary to make the panels perfectly flat - before the kustom-mix Shimrin2 paint is applied. Two additional start-to-finish sequences include a complete motorcycle paint job, and the application of an extensive graphics package on a brand new Ford Pickup.

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