Logic Pro X 10.5 - Apple Pro Training Series

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Record, arrange, mix, produce, and polish your music with this best-selling, Apple-certified guide to Logic Pro X 10.5. Veteran producer and composer David Nahmani uses step-by-step, project-based instructions and straightforward explanations to teach everything from basic music creation to sophisticated production techniques. Learn to populate, trigger, and record Live Loops into cells, record audio and MIDI data, create and edit sequences, and edit regions in the Tracks view to build an arrangement. YouGÇÖll create both acoustic and electronic virtual drum performances using Drummer tracks with Drum Kit Designer and Drum Machine Designer. YouGÇÖll use Quick Sampler to create an instrument from a single sample to create stutter effects and vocal chop, and explore ear candy production techniques, such as parallel processing and turntable start and stop effects. YouGÇÖll use Logic Pro X MIDI FX and Smart Controls to control software synthesizers from a MIDI controller or an iPad. YouGÇÖll harness the power of Smart Tempo to make all audio files play in time. YouGÇÖll stretch vocal notes and correct timing of recordings with Flex Time, and youGÇÖll explore Flex Pitch to tune a vocal recording. Finally, youGÇÖll mix, automate and master the song, processing your tracks with EQ, compression, delay, reverb and other effect plug-ins to achieve a professional sound.

- Downloadable lesson and media lessons take you step by step through real-world, hands-on exercises.

- Accessible writing style puts an expert instructor at your side.

- Ample illustrations help you master techniques fast.

- Lesson goals and time estimates help you plan your time.

- Key Command lists summarize keyboard shortcuts used in each lesson to speed up your workflow.

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  • : David Nahmani
  • : Pearson Education
  • : 9780136886624
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 528
  • : september 2020
  • : 1034
  • : 188 x 230 x 25 mm.
  • : Apple Pro Training
  • : Apple (Mac OS) besturingssystemen; Doe-het-zelf: huis onderhoudshandleidingen; Grafische en digitale media-applicaties; Macintosh