Mastering Microsoft Teams - Creating a Hub for Successful Teamwork in Office 365

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Empower your Microsoft(R) Teams(R) with this Expert Guide

Get the most out of Teams with this expertly written guide to coaxing the best performance from your distributed team. Save valuable time and resources as you accelerate your learning curve and avoid common pitfalls and mistakes.

You'll get an introduction to the Teams application and its architecture as well as a tutorial on how to optimize the Teams experience for your direct reports and colleagues. You'll learn how to manage and control the Teams experience and how to harness its capabilities and new enhancements.

Coverage Includes:

  • Managing and leading teams in a virtual environment
  • Implementing the Teams application
  • Extending Teams with custom applications
  • Implementing best practices for organizational success
  • Engaging in chats, calls, and meetings over Teams
  • Managing teams and channels from within the software
  • Understanding and utilizing the Teams architecture and user interface
  • Taking advantage of the key benefits and features of Teams
  • Using the newest enhancements and features in updated versions of Teams
  • Enhancing existing services with the addition and implementation of Teams

Create and Maintain Teams Channels

Make Calls, Chat, and Hold Meetings

Set Up Video and Audio Conference Calls

Create a Secure Environment That Complies with Organizational Policy

Uphold Best Practices to Encourage High Performance

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