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New Partnerships for Innovation in Microfinance

  • Engels
  • 387 blz.
icrofinance has experienced dynamic development. Today, microfinance providers reach close to 100 million clients worldwide and are growing fast. New partnerships expand the impact of microfinance even further. Three types of partnerships are examined in this book, each consisting of a thematic pillar. Pillar I focuses on equity investments in microfinance, especially the possibilities for engaging private investors through structured microfinance investment funds. Rating agencies are involved in providing more transparency in this emerging fund industry. Pillar II focuses on collaboration among microfinance providers, governments, private investors and technology companies which help microfinance institutions to integrate new technologies into their business models, reducing cost and increasing outreach to clients. Pillar III covers micropensions, microinsurance and the role of securitisation for the future of microfinance. TOC:The Importance of New Partnerships.- New Partnerships for Innovation in Microfinance.- New Partnerships for Sustainability and Outreach. Partnerships to Leverage Private Investment: Raising MFI Equity Through Microfinance Investment Funds.- Market Transparency: The Role of Specialised MFI Rating Agencies.- MFI Equity: An Investment Opportunity for the Broader Public?- Microfinance and Economic Growth - Reflections on Indian Experience.- Microfinance Investments and IFRS: The Fair Value Challenge. Technology Partnerships to Scale up Outreach: Remittance Money Transfers, Microfinance and Financial Integration: Of Credo, Cruxes, and Convictions.- Remittances and MFIs: Issues and Lessons from Latin America.- Using Technology to Build Inclusive Financial Systems.- Information Technology Innovations That Extend Rural Microfinance Outreach.- Banking the Unbanked: Issues in Designing Technology to Deliver Financial Services to the Poor.- Can Credit Scoring Help Attract Profit-Minded Investors to Microcredit?- Credit Scoring: Why Scepticism Is Justified. Partnerships to Mobilise Savings and Manage Risk: Micropensions: Old Age Security for the Poor?- Cash, Children or Kind? Developing Old Age Security for Low-Income People in Africa.- Microinsurance: Providing Profitable Risk Management Possibilities for the Low-Income Market.- Securitisation: A Funding Alternative for Microfinance Institutions.- Reducing Barriers to Microfinance Investments: The Role of Structured Finance.
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  • Uitgeverij : Springer-Verlag GMBH
  • ISBN : 9783540766407
  • Taal : Engels
  • Uitvoering : Paperback (ENG)
  • Aantal pagina's : 387
  • Verschijningsdatum : 01-01-2008
  • Afmetingen : 235 x 154 x 25 mm.
  • Gewicht : 816 gr.