Odawa Language and Legends
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Andrew J. Blackbird and Raymond Kiogima share many similarities, even though they lived in different centuries. Both were Odawa, and they both cared about the customs and traditions of their people. Andrew J. Blackbird lived in Little Traverse, now Harbor Springs, Michigan, while Ray Kiogima lives there now. Both wrote dictionaries and grammars for their people, while also recounting legends. In Odawa Language and Legends: Andrew J. Blackbird and Raymond Kiogima, Blackbird's original 1887 book is followed by Kiogima's Odawa dictionary, grammar, translations of taped legends, and his own stories. This book is a resource for educators, historians, and all people interested in American Indian studies.

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  • : 9781599269207
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  • : 236
  • : juli 2006
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  • : Noord- en Midden-Amerikaanse inheemse talen; Taalonderwijs