On The Contrary

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What is a traditional Catholic? Solange Hertz explains: "Given the present state of society, at the polls he rarely finds a candidate to vote for in good conscience, but plenty against, thereby earning himself a reputation for irremediable contrariness on most any issue before the public. In casual conversation his is nearly always the minority opinion, especially if it was once held by the vast majority of educated people in the civilized world and never seriously contested until relatively recently... Offering the only positive remedy to the faltering social machinery, [traditional Catholicism] will appear negative at every level. Whatever reconstruction it proposes is labeled destruction. It is accused of undermining every hope for the future by wholesale retreat into the past when its only objective is to set things straight and get them running properly again." Arguably the most outspoken traditional Catholic writer of the 20th century, Solange Hertz is one of the foremost defenders of Catholic tradition. In On the Contrary, Hertz tackles topics including the defamation of Christopher Columbus, sex, gender roles, masonry, Americanism, Pope John Paul II, and modern liturgical developments. Hertz's zeal will rub off on you as she vocalizes and outlines the fight that we as Catholics are all involved in.

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  • : mei 2011
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