Proof of the Existence of God

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This book is a bridge between science and religion. For much of the ancient times until the eighteenth century, all our human issues and answers were based on religion. However, from the eighteenth century onward (even though it started from the second century and peaked a bit more during the thirteenth century), people questioned the authenticity of all the religious responses to all our human quest. For this reason, many scientists conducted scientific research to find out the evidentiary truth to the religious responses about the universe, origin of moral values, the existence of God, etc. This book is about the true origin of moral values and about the true existence of God. In this book, I seek to give objective, scientific, philological, and religious explanations as to the real existence of God. I also seek to explain who is the source of our moral values. In the final analysis, I do suggest in this book that science and religion are friends who are seeking and seeing the same thing from different perspectives. Therefore, they proclaim their findings with different names, which are generally of similar philological meaning. I also suggest that with the present lack of objective evidentiary proof, God cannot be said to exist anthropomorphically but truly exists pneumatologically, and he is the creator of our existence and the source of our moral values.

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  • : Spiritualiteit en religieuze ervaring