Raggedy Ann Stories

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Kindly, patient, and lovable, Raggedy Ann never loses her happy smile. She's quiet and obedient when her young mistress is at hand―but when left to her own devices, she's ready for adventure. All the toys in the nursery admire the doll with the shoe-button eyes and eagerly assist in her exploits, from a raid on the pantry to a rescue party for a lost dog. In these heartwarming stories, Raggedy Ann cheerfully submits to having her stuffing replaced, teaches a pair of new dolls a lesson in tolerance, and hitches a ride on a high-flying kite, among other lively doings.
Generations of young readers have been taking Raggedy Ann into their hearts ever since the book's initial publication in 1918. This facsimile reproduces the original edition, which was inspired by a child's affection for her grandmother's rag doll. Charming color illustrations by author Johnny Gruelle enhance these timeless tales of love, respect, and friendship.
Dover (2015) republication of the edition originally published by the P. F. Volland Company, Joliet, Illinois, 1918.
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  • : Johnny Gruelle
  • : Little Simon
  • : 9781481443890
  • : Engels
  • : Hardcover
  • : 104
  • : oktober 2015
  • : 544
  • : 257 x 201 x 13 mm.
  • : Raggedy Ann
  • : Kinderen / tieners: fictie: klassieke fictie