Retroactive Jealousy

2 - 4 Weken

If you're tired of the pain & destruction caused by your intrusive thoughts & are ready to empower your life then keep reading... Get your life back in your control. This book is a completely transparent, in-depth, and detailed account of my journey through retroactive jealousy. From its vulnerable, innocent origins, to its ultimate epic defeat. This book is also a comprehensive guide on how I personally struggled with and eventually transformed the insidious beast into personal strength and power. At the risk of offending you the reader and retroactive jealousy sufferer, I bring you this piece of truth; Retroactive jealousy was one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. That thought may seem impossible to you at this stage. It may even anger you. But you will likely one day feel a deep sense of gratitude that you suffered through this pain once you have undergone enough of a positive transformation. My Retroactive Jealousy's healing and defeat was a physical, spiritual, and mental evolution. Although its grasp caused much pain, heartbreak, and despair, victory over it blossomed a more loving, strong, patient, thoughtful, and confident version of myself. I was reborn anew in the ashes of Retroactive jealousy's defeat and spread my wings into a brighter future that would not have been known to me had I not suffered the way I had suffered. Inside You Will Discover...The roots of pain within you & ways to rip them out (that no one ever told you about) Insider mindfulness secrets used by the worlds most peaceful masters These unique strategies to crush triggers before they crush you & your relationship Simple to apply methods to find peace & dissolve your turmoil Your own unique life-altering positive actions How to easily re-write your own self-image & transform into the dream version of yourself Secrets to approach happiness with a never before felt sense of power & strength How to shrink the monstrous Retroactive Jealousy into a teeny, tiny spec (& in some cases, as in the authors, be rid of it altogether!) And Much Much More... Making the brave, empowering decision to overcome your Retroactive Jealousy will enrich your life beyond your current comprehension! This easy to follow guide is designed to produce results for you from the comfort of your own home, even if you've never worked on yourself or read a self-help book before. No shelling out thousands of dollars on a therapist, no hard traumatic work, & no expensive life coach needed. Life is simply too short to continue living with this pain. So if you're ready to create the ultimate version of yourself then click "add to cart"

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