Ruthless: Knowing the God Who Fights for You

2 - 4 Weken

When you face the biggest battles of your life--and they will come--you need to know who has your back. Who can you trust with rock-solid certainty?
God is the One who will go before you in the fight. Do you trust Him?
You might be plagued with doubt and start thinking Can I really trust God? Why would He do this to me? Doesn't He love me? Why has God abandoned me? But God goes before you in battle and ruthlessly fights for you.
In each chapter of Ruthless, author Bo Stern paints a portrait of one fundamental aspect of God's character as revealed throughout Scripture. Reflection questions help you dig deeper to personally process what you believe.
Understanding God and knowing His character will help you deliberately choose to trust Him, which can be the most powerful weapon you will ever have in your arsenal.

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