Temple Grandin's Guide to Working with Farm Animals: Safe, Humane Livestock Handling Practices for the Small Farm
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Expert Knowledge for Small Farms

Keep your animals calm and safe with Temple Grandin's groundbreaking insights and methods, now tailored specifically for small farms. Understand the behavior, fears, and instincts of cattle, goats, pigs, and sheep, and set up the most humane, healthy, and productive systems and facilities on your farm.

Farm Smarter with Dr. Grandin's Principles:
- Gather and drive your herd by working with grazing animals' instincts for avoiding predators.
- Move your herd at the pace of its slowest member.
- The leader of the herd or flock is usually not the dominant animal.
- Moving sheep through a gate is like siphoning water; never break the flow of their follow-the-leader instinct.
- Prevent many serious behavior problems by raising young animals in social groups with other animals.

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