The Complete Philips Air fryer Cookbook

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Do you want to lose weight in healthier and happier way? Do you love crispy and crunchy food? Are you looking for tasty recipes yet easy to cook that can work on your air fryer? If yes, then this "The Complete Philips Air fryer Cookbook" is the best book you are looking for! This Cookbook makes everything about air fryer fast and easy. Air fryer helps to reduce the amount of fat, that could lower the amount of calories markedly. For example, deep-fried pork chops are awfully fatty, but the air fried pork chops contain less fat and much more protein. The less fats and calories contained in food and ingredients also have benefits to health freaks, weight watchers, and diabetics. So, eating low-fat food prepared in an air fryer will improve your overall health. So everything you need to do now is just get one copy of this cookbook and start your cooking tonight!

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  • : Echo Blevins
  • : Echo Blevins
  • : 9781802448726
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 112
  • : mei 2021
  • : 258
  • : 201 x 254 x 13 mm.
  • : Nationale, regionale en etnische gerechten; Noordoostelijke VS: New England