The Honey

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Honey is one of nature's most valuable raw materials - and has been for twelve thousand years. Ist constituents are valued in nutrition as well as in medicine and cosmetics. Like no other agricultural product, honey production is in harmony with nature, because the bee depends on an intact enviroment.

This highly topical standard work provides everthing about honey:

World`s honey trade

Honey production and extraction

Treatment and constituents

Marketing and declaration

Legal requirements

Health, cosmetics and honey recipes

Dr. Dr. Helmut Horn was head of the honey laboratory at the Landesanstalt für Bienenkunde at the University of Hohenheim and has been involved in pollen and honey analysis for many years.

Dr. Cord Lüllmann was from 1988 to 2013 head of the Institute for Honey Research in Bremen, which changed its name to QSI GmbH in 2000, and currently works as technical coordinator for the parent company Tentamus.

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