The Leadership PIN Code - The ABC Workbook

The companion guide to "THE LEADERSHIP PIN CODE"your personal ABC workbook Do you ever struggle to connect with those you work with or lead? Are you frustrated by a lack of support or engagement from team members and stakeholders after clearly articulating your ideas? There must be something wrong with them, you tell yourself. You have the experience and knowledge to effectively lead people and drive results, so why are you failing to get the tracktion you desire? Living at the intersection of business and psychology, Dr. Nashater Deu Solheim says the problem isn't what you know - it's how you apply it to your daily interactions. In The Leadership PIN Code, Dr. Solheim delivers a simple, evidence-based framework that will improve your impacts. She provides three keys in her unique ABC method that can help you effectively communicate what you know in any situation, be it a thirty-second conversation or a protracted negotiation. With these keys in hand, you'll better connect with others (even if they're difficult to deal with), resolve conflict easier, and get what you need without compromising the relationship. Use this workbook to plan and execute your personal PIN Code - the ABC templates are a great tool for digging in and deeper to create your success strategy for creating willing and winning relationships every time. Dig in!

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  • : november 2021
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