The Light of Egypt

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Thomas H. Burgoyne was born in Scotland on April 14th 1855. As a child, he claimed visions of a group of advanced entities known as the Brotherhood of Light, whose purpose was to guide human destiny. After a meeting with M. Theon, said to be a representative of the Brotherhood, Burgoyne moved to California and, in company with another contactee Norman Astley, established a new occult order - The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor. In 'The Light of Egypt' Burgoyne reveals the Brotherhood's teachings as a series of lessons in two volumes. Volume 1 is a wide-ranging exposition on spiritual wisdom, while Volume 2 explains its attainment, with special reference to astrology. Replete with esoteric wisdom - some unique to the teachings of the Brotherhood - both volumes of 'The Light of Egypt' are designed for the serious occult student, and will reward slow, patient study.

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