The Lightning Conjurer
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After narrowly escaping Savannah and her Asterian thugs, Aspen has finally unearthed a clue to her forgotten past: a small brass key and a handwritten note that says 'Start here'. With nothing but her resolve - and Aiden's silver lighter - Aspen sets forth on a solo cross-country journey. But things begin to unravel quickly on the open road, and Aspen soon realizes that her biggest challenge on this trip won't be making it to California in one piece, but keeping her growing powers in check... a feat that's proving harder and harder to manage. Meanwhile, Aiden, on his own mission to find his sister, has gone radio silent. Though an old 'friend' from Aspen's past warns her not to go after him, she knows she has no choice. But their impromptu reunion has some unintended complications: ghosts from Aspen's past come back to haunt her, painful secrets that Aiden has been harboring come to light, and deep-rooted family conflicts threaten to tear their bond apart. Still, there's a faint light at the end of the tunnel: Aspen now knows for certain that her mother is alive and being held prisoner. She and her friends just have to get there in time - and pray Savannah doesn't catch them first.

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  • : TC
  • : TC
  • : 9781087859422
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 462
  • : maart 2019
  • : 671
  • : 229 x 152 x 26 mm.
  • : Lightning Conjurer
  • : Hedendaagse fantasy