The Secrets of Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike

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Symbolic images are the alphabet underlying all Mystery traditions. It has been stated that Albert Pike's "Magnum Opus Morals and Dogma" no longer has any relevance to Scottish Rite Masons. For many, it has become an esoteric antediluvian composition, a momentous work deemed too difficult for the average person to comprehend or to glean information from. Albert Pike composed his esoteric information so as not to reveal any Masonic secrets, understanding that non-Mason and Mason alike would be exploring the degrees contained within. Could he have concealed information within his writings, as did many of the great artists and thinkers of the past? For the first time, Professor Len Seymour provides an interpretation of the enigmatic drawing of an Egyptian Stele found in Pike's book, "Morals and Dogma," the timeless and hidden symbolism of which has remained a mystery until now.

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