The Technical Principles of Endoscopic Surgery

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The introduction of laparoscopic surgery as a standard technique marked a revolution in operating theaters around the globe. Over thirty years later, almost every disorder in the thorax and abdomen eligible for surgery can be approached by endoscopic techniques. We have witnessed a unique journey of technical innovations that enables surgeons to work with this minimally invasive approach in the most complex procedures.
Benefits to the patient are clear, by reducing external and internal trauma, and surgeons are supported by advanced technology that has increased their options to see, dissect and repair in ways that were beyond imagination. With the new options came a completely new working environment,that is dictated by advanced surgical and digital technologies. This requires investment in a new knowledge domain, while medical and surgical training still strongly focusses on anatomy, physiology and pathology.
The lack of in-depth knowledge on high tech surgical equipment and workplaces is recognized among surgeons and OR staff, but educational programs are late to adapt. This book fulfills the need for a comprehensive overview on a wide variety of technical aspects of endoscopic surgery, that need to be understood in detail before starting to work in practice. In this book, international experts explain and share their expertise to contribute to education, efficiency and patient safety in the technological aspects of endoscopic surgery.
The book is written for all healthcare workers who are directly or indirectly involved with endoscopic surgery, from surgeons to OR assistants and nurses, and from Techmed student and OR managers to sterilization specialists. The book covers extensively surgical instruments, hardware for endoscopic surgery and the surgical work environment. It can be used as a textbook, or as a reference book for knowledge on any of the topics covered.
This book addresses the growing need for knowledge about a technologies that will continue to shape the future of surgery and operating rooms.

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