The Tree of Life

2 - 4 Weken

A Twenty-first-century Edition of a Magical Classic

Since it was first published in 1932, The Tree of Life has provided spiritual seekers and aspiring magicians with the most comprehensive study of the common threads of magical theory and practice. Israel Regardie's mission of bringing magic into the light of understanding takes a giant step forward in this new edition. Two Adept associates of Regardie's have contributed these enhancements:
-- Annotations throughout, with critical commentary and explanatory notes
-- A new introduction, glossary, bibliography, and index
-- Askenazic Hebrew translated to common Sephardic
-- A large number of new illustrations

If you are looking for a complete introduction to the study of magic, or if you have an older copy and would like a clearer, more usable version, you will not find a better choice than this edition of The Tree of Life.

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