Thinking about God

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Developing out of a series of public lectures given to a large audience of non-theologians, this is one of the most attractive introductions to theology which has appeared so far. Perhaps, as Dorothee Soelle points out, in fact, ""introduction"" is not the right word, for this is above all an invitation to share her enthusiasm for theology, her delight in the beauty and the power of religious and theological language and the themes it expresses. The book covers all the major areas of modern theology. After discussing the nature of systematic theology and comparing orthodox, liberal, and radical approaches, it looks at the use of the Bible in theology. Then follow chapters on creation, sin, feminist liberation theology, the understanding of grace, Black theology, Jesus, cross and resurrection, the kingdom of God and the church, the theology of peace, the end of theism, and the question of God. Each chapter is followed by a bibliography, and Dorothee Soelle, who is familiar with theology on both sides of the Atlantic, has herself revised these for the English-language edition. Dorothee Soelle is one of the most widely read theologians of our time. She was Professor of Theology at Union Theological Seminary in New York City from 1975 to 1987. Among her numerous publications are Suffering (1975) and her magnum opus, The Silent Cry, which joins deep religious knowledge and wisdom with passion for social justice in a work destined to be a classic of religious literature.

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