Zombie Sharks with Metal Teeth

2 - 4 Weken

If you've never been inside a giant space lobster, well. I don't recommend it. "Mixing doughnuts and the walking dead proves to be a deadly combination in Stephen Graham Jones' latest novel, Zombie Bake-Off, a slim volume of experimental fiction that wastes no time or word count on superfluous detail or arbitrary introspective riff-raff. Jones constructs a bare-bones horror tale by combining clever, offbeat humor with a familiar, yet unpredictable plot." -RUE MORGUE on Zombie Bake-Off by Stephen Graham Jones "Much like the mad-but-brilliant scientists in this collection's titular story, Jones has created the tales here with experimental glee, yielding an astonishing assortment of mutated manuscripts. The investigational 'Let's see what happens' mentality at play in this collection means that the story about gigantic soul-storing moonshrimp will also be told by a dime store P.I. It means that elderly love and parenting are monster-mashed to deeper meaning. It means Kafka goes corporate inspector, basset hounds get sexy, and the aliens are popping up everywhere. It means you'll get your Raymond Carver via dog food therapy and the Please-Let-It-Just-Fucking-Die world of zombie fiction gets repurposed twice in beautifully heart-rending ways. And yeah, there are hamsters. I'll just say it-Jones went off the deep end this time. But it's thrilling to watch an artist dive into their mind's Marianas Trench and return with exploding oceanic oddities-Coltrane going from devilish smooth to full-stellar squonk, Aphex Twin going from ambient pharmacist to robot brain-masher. And here: Intrepid Writer Stephen Graham Jones going from the assured, human horror of earlier collection THE ONES THAT GOT AWAY to the outstanding aberrations of ZOMBIE SHARKS WITH METAL TEETH." -From the introduction by Jeremy Robert Johnson, author of We Live Inside You

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