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Best Of 1990-2000

01. 'The Fly' (our first glimpse of U2 chopping down 'The Joshua Tree' and a preview to the imagry of the ZooTV tour to follow)
02. 'Mysterious Ways' (to match The Edge's liquid guitar sounds, the entire video is appropriately shot with a shimmering lens)
03. 'One' (two versions for a song with multiple interpretations)
04. 'Even Better Than the Real Thing' (successfully capturing the imagry in the song)
05. 'Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses' [Temple Bar Edit] (mostly a compilation of some live video footage combined with some studio shots of Bono singing)
06. 'Until the End of the World' (again, more of a compilation of live video footage from the ZooTV Tour)
07. 'Numb' (multiple versions - one used as video on the ZooTV tour and the other more infamous version with The Edge being assaulted/adorned, the latter of which is probably the band's best video)
08. 'Lemon' (including the introduction of Bono's character 'MacPhisto')
09. 'Stay (Faraway, So Close!)' (directed by Wim Venders, this one has excellent cinematography and follows along the story-line of the movie for which the song was penned)
10. 'Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me' (although this wholly-animated video could have been better without all the gratuitous tie-ins to the 'Batman Forever', it is entertaining nonetheless)
11. 'Miss Sarajevo' (a beautiful song with a somewhat unmemorable video)
12. 'Discotheque' (the source of much ire surrounding the 'Pop' (1997) record, it is worth it to see the band having fun)
13. 'Staring at the Sun' (nothing particularly memorable in this video, as U2 don the Miami-look)
14. 'Last Night On Earth' (although deliberately conceptual, getting the band to actually act is always a questionable proposition)
15. 'Please' (an underrated song and an underrated video, although the latter does not quite catch the political bent to the lyrics)
16. 'If God Would Send His Angels' (on this one, the conceptualism works as the top half of the screen displays Bono singing on a bus seat while the bottom half displays the person sitting (or not sitting) across from him)
17. 'Gone' [Live] (this is a live video taken from the 'PopMart Live in Mexico City' VHS, which IS better than the studio version included on the 'Pop' record)
18. 'Mofo' (using a remix of the song, this one is simply cuts of live video footage)
19. 'The Ground Beneath Her Feet' (good video for a movie promo, complete with Salmon Rushdie, who wrote the lyrics)
20. 'Beautiful Day' (if you haven't seen this one, then you've been living under a rock - NOTE: for an alternate version, get the double-CD version of 'The Best of 1990-2000' which includes the History Mix DVD)
21. 'Stuck in a Moment' (two versions - one more serious and the other more humorous)
22. 'Electrical Storm' (Larry Mullen makes his acting debut with Samantha Morton - visually quite nice)
23. 'The Hands That Built America' (just a studio performance)
We geven korting vanaf je 4e boek in 12 maanden. Zonder gedoe.  Lees meer.
We geven korting vanaf je 4e boek in 12 maanden. Zonder gedoe.  Lees meer.

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  • 1. Even Better Than The Real Thing (Main Video Plus Hidden Track The Perfecto Mix Video) - U2 (008:13)
  • 2. Mysterious Ways (Video) - U2 (004:05)
  • 3. Beautiful Day - U2 (004:09)
  • 4. Electrical Storm (Main Video Plus The Hidden 'U2 Sur Mer' Mini-Documentary) - U2 (010:00)
  • 5. One (Main Video Plus The Hidden Video Version 3 And 'The Story Of One' Mini-Documentary) - U2 (024:20)
  • 6. Miss Sarajevo (Main Video Plus The Hidden 'Missing Sarajevo' Mini-Documentary) - Passengers (021:00)
  • 7. Stay (Faraway, So Close!) (Video) - U2 (005:34)
  • 8. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of (Main Video Plus Hidden Track Alternative Video) - U2 (008:48)
  • 9. Gone (Live Video From Popmart Tour) - U2 (005:00)
  • 10. Until The End Of The World (Live Video From Zoo TV Tour) - U2 (005:00)
  • 11. The Hands That Built America (Theme From Gangs Of New York) (Video) - U2 (004:31)
  • 12. Discotheque (Video) - U2 (005:10)
  • 13. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me (Video) - U2 (004:44)
  • 14. Staring At The Sun (Main Video Plus The Hidden Version 2 Video) - U2 (009:12)
  • 15. Numb (Main Video Plus The Hidden Video Remix Version) - U2 (009:02)
  • 16. The Fly (Video) - U2 (004:53)
  • 17. Please (Video) - U2 (005:18)
  • 18. If God Will Send His Angels (Video) - U2 (004:28)
  • 19. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (Video) - U2 (005:10)
  • 20. Lemon (Video) - U2 (004:43)
  • 21. Last Night On Earth (Video) - U2 (004:21)
  • 22. Mofo (Phunk Force Mix Video) - U2 (005:00)
  • 23. The Ground Beneath Her Feet (Video) - U2 (003:58)

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  • EAN : 0602498699225
  • Taal : Engels
  • Ondertiteling : Bretons, Duits, Frans, Japans, Portugees, Spaans
  • Uitvoering : DVD
  • Speelduur : 176
  • Verschijningsdatum : 20-06-2005
  • Schermformaat : 4:3
  • Geluidsformaat : Dolby Digital 2.0
  • Leeftijdsindicatie : Alle Leeftijden
  • Afmetingen : 190 x 136 x 15 mm.
  • Gewicht : 100 gr.
  • Regio : 0
      0 (Regiovrij)
    1 (VS; Canada)
    2 (Europa; Midden Oosten; Japan; Zuid Afrika)
    3 (Zuidoost Azië; Zuid-Korea; Taiwan; Hong Kong)
    4 (Australië; Nieuw-Zeeland; Zuid Amerika)
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